Welcome to HAB International Accountants & Consultants

HAB International is a Netherlands-based international firm, working with corporate and individual clients on a transcontinental level. Our main services include auditing, accountancy, assistance during the incorporation or restructuring of a company in the Netherlands, guidance during processes of international expansion, mergers and acquisitions, selection of taxation and trust companies, risk assessment, risk control, finance, and the optimization of international group structures.

Our clients are mainly multinationals, Dutch holding companies, and intermediate holding companies, high net-worth individuals, family-owned organizations and cooperatives. With our experienced team, we can adapt quickly to your needs and to support you globally.

How we can help you

Since the founding of our firm back in 1993, the reason of our success has been the continuous direct contact client-accountant, and the quality of our international team of experts in auditing, accountancy, business consultancy, taxation, legal and notary matters. Within the years, we have established a strong global network, and partnerships with diverse European, American and Indian accountancy firms. This has allowed us to broaden the scope of our services, and thus the reach of our clients.

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